$400 Property Tax Refund Online Filing Available Now

  • About the Refund

The 2007 Montana Legislature passed a law to refund up to $400 of property taxes paid in 2006 (or earlier years in some cases) for a principal residence, if certain qualifications are met. We encourage all qualifying property owners to apply for the tax refund. Here is some important information that you will need to know.

  • First, You Need to Qualify…

To qualify for the refund, you must meet the statutory requirements, which include:

  1. You had to be the owner of residential property in 2006.
  2. You had to live in the property as your principal residence for at least 7 months during 2006.
  3. You are required to have paid at least $400 in property taxes to get the full $400 refund. If your tax year 2006 property taxes on your principal residence were less than $400, you may add property taxes paid in 2005 and 2004 to meet the $400 refund amount. The taxes must have been paid on the same principal residence, not on multiple properties. If you paid less than $400 in combined property taxes on your principal residence in 2006, 2005 and 2004, you may claim a refund for the amount of property taxes that you did pay. Please enter the actual amount in the Amount of Refund section on the claim form.
  • Then, You Need to Apply…

The new law says that property owners must complete an application form in order to request the refund. Here are the options on how to submit an application form:

Using an Electronic Form

An online application form is available at https://tap.dor.mt.gov. Filing your claim electronically, and choosing Direct Deposit, will result in the fastest possible refund. Click here to view a demonstration of the electronic filing form. Link to text version of Tuturial About Submitting An Application Online

Using a Paper Form

Paper application forms were mailed to property owners from the department on August 24, 2007. These forms were “pre-filled” with important information about the property owner and the property. You may complete this form, sign it, and mail it to us.

A downloadable application form is available for you to print. This form is generic, and does not contain “pre-filled” information about the property owner and the property. You may complete this form, sign it, and mail it to us.

Paper applications are available in courthouses, libraries and other public places.

Homeowner Property Tax Refund Generic Claim Form

  • Finding Your Geocode

Providing a geocode for your principal residence, while not required, will speed your refund. Click here to go to Montana Cadastral Mapping where you can locate your property’s geocode. If you are using the Montana GIS website to find your geocode, you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.
Link to text version of Tutorial to Find Your Geocode

  • Before You Apply, Please Consider…

Only one refund claim can be made with respect to any single property.

Your social security number is required to complete this claim. Your social security number will be used for the purpose of generating a 1099 for individual income tax.

Your daytime phone number is required to complete this claim. We need this number so that we can call you if there is a question about your refund claim.

If you owe a debt that is collected by the State of Montana, your refund may be reduced by the amount of the debt owed. This may include debts owed to the State of Montana for individual income tax, child support, student loans or other purposes. It also may include debts owed to the Montana university system, other state agencies, and some local governments.

The deadline to file your refund claim is December 31, 2007.


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