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Price of Farmland Soars in Rocky Mountain West

Nationally, the price of agricultural land is climbing steadily, and land prices in several Rocky Mountain States are leading the way. Throughout the region, an...

About your $400 property tax rebate

The tax rebate program is a bit cumbersome. Unlike past rebate programs, instead of mailing a check to all eligible taxpayers, the Montana Department...

Montana wind market to expand

The technology for harnessing Montana's wind, a virtually untapped resource, is getting bigger, better and more efficient, according to a local wind expert. John Bacon...

Grant program helps people protect homes from wildfires

Clearing the shrubs and trimming the trees would have involved a lot of labor, or at least cost a good amount of money to...

No tax hike from reappraisal

Gov. Brian Schweitzer said in June he'll propose a bill in 2009 to ensure no statewide property tax increase occurs because of the...

Flathead Residential Lots : Room for 65,000 More

Twenty-six thousand lots are approved for homes in Flathead County. It’s a massive amount – enough new elbow room for roughly 65,000 additional residents. At face value it conjures up metropolitan images: smog, traffic and other urban delights

So, how do I get my $400 property tax rebate?

The Montana Legislature last month passed rebates of up to $400 for homeowners, so where's the money

Families Built Their Own Homes

Kyle Heinecke, his wife and 27 other families built their own homes at the Tiebucker Estates subdivision in Somers, completing their houses in June 2006 after 14 months of working almost every evening, weekend and holiday

It seems like every year we’re paying higher and higher property taxes

Great Falls government can't beat the higher costs of energy and fuel, employee wages, insurance costs and equipment. So it's planning to increase property...

Home prices drive up Bozeman’s cost-of-living

It costs a little more to live in Bozeman than in many places across the nation, mainly because the price of housing is so...

’09 bill would prevent certain increases in property taxes

Governor Brian Schweitzer said Thursday he'll propose a bill in 2009 to ensure no statewide property tax increase occurs because of the ongoing reappraisal...

Kalispell City Council decides subdivision near Ponderosa Estates needs further study

<img HEIGHT="54" WIDTH="87" BORDER="10" ALIGN="right" ALT="Kalispell, MT" SRC=" Computer Monitoring Software1610&Point.longitude_e6=4180652396&Point.iconid=4294967295&Point=e&latitude_e6=48201610&longitude_e6=4180652396&zm=9600&w=87&h=54&cc=US&min_priority=1" />The Kalispell City Council put on hold a proposed annexation of an...

Kangarloo purchased the 115-year-old Northern Hotel

Hassan Kangarloo, a California-based real estate investor, hopes to breathe new life into the historic Northern Hotel by offering a mixture of condominiums for sale and high-end hotel rooms aimed at wealthy travelers.

Affordable housing a growing concern

MISSOULA - Affordable housing in western Montana is tied directly to the reasons why fast-growth counties are increasing in numbers. As people move into these attractive areas, fewer and fewer of them can afford to buy a home.

The economic viability of small towns

Jim Sylvester says the economic viability of small towns in Montana can be predicted by a simple factor: Do they have a Town Pump...



How Montana is Working to Break Down Barriers to Fair Housing

There’s no better place to live, work, and play than Montana. Building a successful life here starts with having an affordable and accessible place to call home. Still, for many Montanans finding a stable home can come with barriers. We know families are encountering rising housing costs, a low supply of affordable apartments, and housing choice barriers. Every day our teams here at the Montana Department of Commerce are working to break down these barriers and make access to safe housing affordable and accessible